Applications should consist of a single PDF document containing the following information:

  • YOU (1 or 2 pages): A single-page resume for each co-founder applying for the cohort (up to two per application)
  • YOUR VISION (2 pages) Describe the technology concept you want to pursue. Use the Heilmeier catechism as a guide for what’s most relevant. Please include a brief comment on the potential for long-term impact on U.S. energy and manufacturing competitiveness.
  • WHY CYCLOTRON ROAD? (1 page) What most attracts you to Cyclotron Road? Why would this be the ideal home for you and your project (vs. alternative paths)? Which people and facilities at Berkeley Lab could be particularly valuable in supporting your work?
  • WHAT ELSE? (1 page) An extra page. Your call.

Formatting guidance: 

Render and submit a single PDF that precisely follows the page guidance above. For example, "1 page" means precisely a single page with no spill over.

To ensure maximum protection of your information, please mark all pages of your application with the footer “Confidential and Proprietary – Exempt from Disclosure”