Nelumbo: Rethink Cooling

Founded by Cyclotron Road fellows Liam Berryman, Lance Brockway, and David Walther, Nelumbo is developing advanced materials to drive radical, lasting technological improvements to the heating and cooling industry. Nelumbo's Menlo Park, Calif.-based team collectively represents multiple decades of materials science, product development, and executive leadership experience. It is currently hiring a Research Associate and Test Data Engineer.

  • The Research Engineer will work closely with members of the Nelumbo team
    to optimize processes for industrial alloys; design and build a vacuum condenser, and test parts for performance and durability. The successful candidate will be a tinkerer and maker with strong attention to detail. The Research Engineer is ultimately responsible for working from materials to prototype. Some communication with modeling experts will be required. The candidate for this position is expected to lead the project and report directly to the CTO. To apply or for more information, write to
  • The Test Data Engineer will assist with component and system testing and evaluation. The ideal candidate will have prior experience developing testing platforms, developing quality standards and managing internal and external technology audits and evaluations. Candidates should have some familiarity with statistics, data processing and systems and a solid fundamental understanding of HVAC and refrigeration systems. To apply or for more information, write to