Helux: Redefining Illumination

Helux, founded by Cyclotron Road fellow Jess Morrison, is developing a prototype light fixture that combines solid state sources and micromirror technology for real time, spatially dynamic illumination. Going beyond color, Helux will provide users the flexibility to reposition lights automatically and without any moving parts.

Helux is seeking an Engineer to accelerate product development work. The ideal candidate will have experience in optics and an open mind. While optical design is certainly a priority, Helux is particularly interested in bringing on team members who thrive in an evolving environment and is motivated to completely ignore the “standard.” Candidates should expect to gain experience with many functions within Helux and participate in several core projects. Apply here.

Critical Skills

  • Experience with laser sources in an open table environment
  • Experience standard optics
  • Experience in optical characterization
  • Experience in system design
  • Exemplary laboratory safety record
  • Well organized laboratory documentation


  • At least 2 years of lab experience with laser systems
  • Documentation/report writing experience
  • MS in engineering or physical sciences (PhD graduates preferred)


  • Salary and stock options commensurate with experience
  • Benefits: Health, dental, and vision