MicroByre: Bespoke Bacteria for Biomanufacturing

Most bacterial species are skittish or unruly; MicroByre soothes them, saddles them, teaches them some tricks, and passes the reins to large-scale industrial producers for mutually beneficial exploitation. By genetically domesticating species that have never cooperated with humans before, MicroByre can establish new biomass streams as economically viable feedstocks for commodity production. The MicroByre team is growing and seeks a Bioinformaticist, a Full Stack Software Engineer, and a Molecular Biologist.

Bioinformaticist: You would teach robots to talk to bacteria. Click here for all the details.

Full Stack Software Engineer: You would show scientists how to learn from their data. Click here for all the details.

Molecular Biologist: You would make first contact with a bacteria. That’s right – no one on the planet has ever talked to the bacteria you will talk to. Click here for all of the details.