Content Manager—Program Team

Cyclotron Road is the world’s leading support program for hard technology innovators working to solve humanity’s biggest challenges. Driven by a community of world-class scientists and engineers, entrepreneurs, and industry partners, Cyclotron Road is advancing cutting edge ideas, tools, and experiences to support the commercial application of hard science and technology.

The Content Manager will be tasked with 1) creating original content that captures and synthesizes the insights of this community and 2) developing and executing strategies for disseminating this content to the broader innovation ecosystem in a way that supports our organization’s mission and brand. The Content Manager will be hired as a full time employee of Activation Energy with competitive salary and full benefits.

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About Cyclotron Road and Activation Energy

Cyclotron Road is an innovation program based in Berkeley, CA, where it operates the world’s first entrepreneurial research fellowship. As Cyclotron Road Fellows, top innovators are embedded at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for two years while they advance a project with the potential for global impact. Since 2015, Cyclotron Road has awarded more than $10 million directly to 28 innovators, who have gone on to generate more than $30 million in early-stage funding to support their projects.

Cyclotron Road is managed as a partnership between Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Activation Energy, an independent not-for-profit organization. This partnership provides a platform for deep engagement with both public and private sector partners, allowing Cyclotron Road to more effectively address the most critical barriers facing our innovators as they move their ideas from lab the market. Cyclotron Road is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, DARPA, the California Energy Commission, and a number of the world’s most influential corporations and philanthropies.