Bridging the science-to-product gap

Hard tech innovation takes significant risk, capital, and time. At Cyclotron Road, our goal is to empower innovators to drive commercial impact, while bringing together the resources and partners needed for them to develop cutting edge science into commercial products with sustained impact. 

Supported by the DOE EERE Advanced Manufacturing Office, our Cohort Program is a two year fellowship that supports scientists developing energy technologies that have potential for broad impact on the national, economic, and energy security of the United States. Cohort innovators spend two years embedded at Berkeley Lab with an explicit mandate to bring their ideas to the point of commercial viability.



A two year fellowship

Rapid progress requires an “all-in” commitment. Our Cohort Program fellowship provides a living stipend and health insurance for two years so that innovators can be 100% focused on their projects.

Access to world-class research facilities and expertise

Hard science innovation requires sophisticated infrastructure. Cyclotron Road participants receive access to facilities, equipment, and expertise at Berkeley Lab. We provide a small amount of initial research funding to facilitate access and collaboration with the Lab’s staff scientists. Innovators fully own or jointly own all intellectual property developed during the program.

Training, mentorship and networking.

The Cyclotron Road program curriculum is tailored to support the challenges of hard science innovation. Participants receive intensive training and mentorship covering all aspects of the journey from concept to product. We also expose them to a wide range of leaders from academia, industry, government, and finance that can serve as advisors or partners in support of their effort.