Our team is testing and validating a new model for hard tech innovation. As part of this process, we will be continually collecting data and anecdotes to measure our impact, collect best practices, and fuel an ongoing discussion. 

Our latest reports

Building a home for hard science innovators: a retrospective on the Cyclotron Road pilot

2016 Annual Report Download

Our 2016 Annual Report captures the key outcomes of the Cyclotron Road Pilot, including our latest thinking about what Cyclotron Road is and why it matters, a detailed retrospective of what happened during the pilot, and some thoughts on where we go from here.

A new pathway for hard technology: supporting energy innovators at Cyclotron Road

2015 Annual Report Download

In our 2015 Annual Report, we present Cyclotron Road's core principles and our approach to addressing the science-to-product gap that pervades the R&D enterprise. The report is based on background research and 30 in-depth interviews with experts and leaders in the energy innovation ecosystem conducted by Cyclotron Road team member Nicole Systrom.