Accelerating quantum computing


Bleximo is focused on introducing quantum computing for solving complex challenges, such as simulating electronic and chemical properties of new materials and molecules. Quantum computers can process vastly more information than a classical computer while consuming orders of magnitude less energy.


Alexei Marchenkov

Alexei Marchenkov

Alexei Marchenkov graduated with an M.S. degree in physics and mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and the Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems. He received his Ph.D. in low temperature physics from Leiden University, Netherlands. After a postdoctoral appointment at the University of California, Berkeley, Alexei was an assistant and associate professor of physics at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In 2004, he received the U.S. National Science Foundation’s Early Career Development (CAREER) fellowship. His research focused on quantum behavior in materials and nanoscale structures, including graphene, atomic-sized superconducting wires and contacts, and superconducting quantum bits.

Alexei founded Bleximo in early 2017 in order to introduce quantum computing into real-world applications and is focused on computing challenges too complex for conventional computing systems.


Critical Need
Modern enterprises must analyze data and do numerical modeling to stay competitive. However, numerous high-value problems in a range of industries—including pharmaceuticals, energy, and defense—cannot be efficiently solved due to their mathematical complexity or the need to process enormous volumes of data. 

Quantum computing will ultimately revolutionize the way complex business, engineering, and scientific problems are solved. While lab demonstrations have shown the potential of quantum computers to solve real-world challenges such as modeling small molecules precisely, near-term quantum computing systems that can solve practical high-value business problems economically, faster, or more accurately than any existing solution will require application-specific engineering solutions.

Technology Vision
Rather than replacing classical high-performance computing systems, we are building quantum accelerators as complementary special-purpose quantum computation systems that will run in parallel with classical computers.

Initially, we will focus on building quantum accelerators for simulating the structure and properties of molecules and chemical reactions. By modeling the behavior of certain molecules, we can help optimize drug discovery and drug design for pharmaceutical applications. Around $75 billion is spent on new drug development each year, globally.

Potential for Impact
Our approach to quantum computing also holds the promise of tackling complex systems modeling, optimization, and machine learning. These types of problems are ubiquitous in many industries, including security, defense, biomedical, health, finance, e-commerce, surveillance, energy, and artificial intelligence.

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