Feasible: See Batteries Differently

Feasible, co-founded by Cyclotron Road fellows Andrew Hsieh and Barry Van Tassell, is building products that will redefine how batteries are made and used, through ultrasonic inspection and analysis. The Berkeley, Calif.-based company is seeking enthusiastic, diligent, and creative interns, with an aptitude for learning new skills, to join its team in Emeryville, CA. It would like to bring on interns for four focus areas: Battery testing; business development; hardware development; and software analytics.

  • The Battery Testing & Evaluation Intern will play a key role in designing and running experiments that demonstrate the advantages of Feasible’s ultrasound-based EchoStat battery inspection platform. This intern will also provide feedback to the product development team and help troubleshoot issues. The ideal candidate is willing to get their hands dirty in mundane tasks while also owning some really cool projects. Click here for more details and to apply.

  • The Business Development & Operations Intern will have the opportunity to work with the CEO and provide support in a variety of areas, including customer and partner engagement, market research and technoeconomic analysis, strategy development, and financial modeling. This person will be able to work with colleagues across the company to manage projects and ensure their success. While a technical background is not necessary, the ideal candidate will be comfortable working with business and technical teams. Click here for more details and to apply.

  • The Hardware Development Intern will be a crucial member of the team responsible for designing and building the equipment that will one day set the standard in battery production. This person will turn design concepts into robust, reliable prototypes and commercially-deployable products and will seek our feedback on functionality to refine our products. Click here for more details and to apply.

  • The Data Analysis & Visualization Intern will help the digital team build tools for the efficient collection, processing, and visualization of the data generated by our hardware/software platform—this is critical to our product and business development. You will work on a variety of projects ranging from helping visualize the output of a prototype build to assessing its functionality; from writing code to collect data from sensors and components to assisting with data pre-processing before advanced analytic methods can be applied. Click here for more details and to apply.