Antora Energy: Inexpensive Energy Storage for a Cleaner Grid

Antora Energy is on a mission to move electricity grids worldwide away from fossil fuels and towards clean, renewable energy by developing inexpensive, reliable energy storage. Antora is currently seeking candidates for three positions: a PV specialist; a high-temperature materials scientist; and a mechanical/systems engineer with experience building large, high-power, high-temperature systems.

Bleximo: Accelerating Quantum Computing

Rather than replacing classical high-performance computing systems, Bleximo is building quantum accelerators as complementary special-purpose quantum computation systems that will run in parallel with classical computers. Bleximo is looking to grow its operation with an experimental physicist, an RF/microwave engineer, and a mechanical engineer.

Mallinda: Reshaping the Plastics Industry

Mallinda has developed revolutionary, malleable thermoset resins to enable simple and scalable processing of carbon composites with closed-loop, low-energy recyclability. The startup, co-founded by our Cohort Two fellows Chris Kaffer and Philip Taynton, is seeking a Composite Materials Engineer as well as a Senior Scientist, Polymer/Organic Chemist. Both of these roles are full-time and located at Mallinda’s Denver lab.

Tierra Biosciences: Turbocharging Biomanufacturing

Tierra Biosciences (formerly Synvitrobio), founded by Cyclotron Road fellow Zachary Sun, develops bio-based processes for green chemistry. Using ProtoVitro, its next-generation expression platform, the startup offers an inexpensive, cell-free prototyping system that allows for experimentally validated high-throughput data collection. Synvitrobio is hiring a research associate to assist the team with executing laboratory protocols and process development.