One year update: Next cohort applications go live October 1st!

Friends and colleagues,

It's been just over a year since we launched the first Cyclotron Road cohort last summer and we're more fired up than ever to be supporting innovators working on breakthrough energy technologies. That's why we're excited to announce that we'll begin selecting our next cohort of innovators starting October 1st. Interested applicants can get a head start on the process by filling out their application summary today.

Assistant Secretary of Energy David Danielson shared his enthusiasm for Cyclotron Road in a blog post last week, encouraging "entrepreneurial researchers with expertise in an energy-technology-related field to explore this exciting opportunity." We hope that you'll join him in helping us get the word out about our next cohort call and rallying the best, brightest, most-driven energy innovators you know to apply. 

Keep reading below for some additional updates on our progress this year. If you'd like to follow our progress more closely, be sure to check out the new 'latest' section on our website, where you can find our blog posts, tweets, reports, and some inspiring reads that keep us motivated. 

As always, thank you for your continued support and engagement. 


The Cyclotron Road team

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Cohort applications will go live October 1st


We are excited to be recruiting a second cohort of innovators this fall. The full call for applications, as well as some important programmatic updates to Cyclotron Road, will go live October 1st. Interested applicants can get a head start by filling out an application summary on our website.

Mosaic Materials wins $1 million C.E.C. grant and secures first private investment as spin out

mosaic logo.png

The California Energy Commission has awarded Mosaic Materials a $1 million grant to develop a low-cost amine scrubber for biogas upgrading using metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). The company has also secured its first private funding from an aligned investor. 

Mosaic Materials is the first funded spin out from Cyclotron Road. Mosaic is developing advanced materials to dramatically improve the cost and efficiency of chemical separations, which account for roughly 10% of global energy use. After demonstrating and validating a scaleable manufacturing approach for their innovation at Cyclotron Road, Mosaic was able to secure funds for a first field demonstration unit. The company will continue their technical work in collaboration with Berkeley Lab.

Read our 2015 Report, "A New Pathway for Hard Technology: Supporting Energy Innovators at Cyclotron Road"

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We released our first report in conjunction with the White House Clean Energy Investment Summit in June. The report is based on background research and 30 in-depth interviews with experts and leaders in the energy innovation ecosystem conducted by Cyclotron Road team member Nicole Schuetz.

In the report, we present Cyclotron Road's core principles and our approach to addressing the science-to-product gap in early stage technology commercialization. Read the full report here.

Welcome to the team: Melanie Miller, Matt Price, Beth Zotter, and Nicole Schuetz!

Cyclotron Road is all about people. We are excited to welcome several new team members to our effort and incredibly fortunate to work alongside such dedicated, passionate individuals. Check out our team page to read their bios.

Call for Hard Tech Success Stories


As we continuously work to improve support for our cohort project teams, we're constantly searching for role models to learn from. We'd love to see your top list of hard tech success stories -- energy companies built around materials or manufacturing technology innovations that have had a successful financial exit, achieved profitability, and/or commercialized at scale. To contribute, simply send us a quick email with your list. 

Thank you to the E.E.R.E. Advanced Manufacturing Office for its continued support


Program support for our next cohort will be provided at Berkeley Lab thanks to support from the U.S. Department of Energy E.E.R.E Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO). AMO partners with industry, small business, universities, labs and other stakeholders to identify and invest in emerging technologies with the potential to create high-quality domestic manufacturing jobs and enhance the global competitiveness of the United States. Learn more about our important partnership with D.O.E. from Assistant Secretary of Energy David Danielson on the E.E.R.E. blog.