Retreat sets tone for exciting year ahead

Retreat group.JPG

Innovators from both cohorts and the entire Cyclotron Road team participated in an offsite retreat in early May. We hold these events at least twice a year to build community and put our minds in a more creative strategic space. This retreat was particularly special because it was the first real opportunity for innovators from both our first and second cohort to get to know each other on a deeper level, share lessons learned, and enjoy some fun competition.  

In addition to some fun team building games, we pushed our innovators to think about their projects from new perspectives. We encouraged them to think of their technologies as products and themselves as salespeople. We also asked them to assess their projects based on risk, value, and external skepticism, and to develop strategies for communicating their progress in each category.

The retreat was also an opportunity for our program team to impart its collective knowledge on our teams and share lessons learned from past experience. Most importantly, we had a lengthy discussion on the topic of "What does a win look like for you?" This is a critical question that we ask all of our innovators to take to heart as they take the first steps on their journey as entrepreneurs.

We wrapped things up with a rousing round of Battle Decks pitting Cohort 1 against Cohort 2. This improv game has become one of our favorite activities at Cyclotron Road because it simultaneously has everyone laughing and learning about how to better deliver their pitch. Cohort 1 showed off their chops (and previous Battle Decks experience), winning the round handily.

Rematch in 6 months?

Check out more pictures from the retreat below.