Feasible wins SBIR Phase I award from NSF

Cyclotron Road Cohort 2 company Feasible has won a Phase I SBIR award from the National Science Foundation. A description of the award can be found below.

Batteries are ubiquitous, and their use is likely to increase in the future. As such, there is a growing need for low-cost, accurate methods for monitoring the state of charge (SOC) and the state of health (SOH) in real time to optimize performance and maximize lifetime. The technology that will be developed in this project will use ultrasound and acoustics to non-invasively probe batteries and provide physical insights into SOC and SOH, and will work on any closed battery regardless of chemistry and form factor. Initial finding of this hypothesis have already been demonstrated and published. This is an unexplored area and presents a large commercial opportunity in each sector of the battery industry, including diagnostics, quality assurance, active cycling control, and the emerging second-life markets. Several advantages include sensitivity to subtle physical changes within cells, the ability to probe lab and commercial scale cells, and sub-millisecond readings.

This Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I project will support the development of real-time acoustic analysis technology leading to the first commercial ultrasonic battery analysis unit. The research objectives will seek to demonstrate the utility of acoustic analysis in various applications across the battery industry, from R&D and manufacturing, and to in-use monitoring and the second-life market.