Opus 12 wins three SBIR Phase I awards

The Opus 12 team conducting experiments at Berkeley Lab

The Opus 12 team conducting experiments at Berkeley Lab

Cyclotron Road cohort company Opus 12 has won Phase I SBIR awards from NASA, NSF, and DOE to advance their CO2 reduction technology. Details on each award can be found below. Congratulations to the Opus 12 team!

Opus 12 is developing technology that will enable the creation of plastics using only CO2, water, and electricity as feedstocks.  Our technology can take water and CO2 from the Martian atmosphere, and transform these molecules into polyethylene plastic.  This opens up a variety of space manufacturing applications, including 3d printing to make tools and building materials. 

Opus 12 will produce a carbon dioxide electrolyzer for the production of CO for small to medium sized CO users.  After successful demonstration of the feasibility of the process, a full-scale reactor to convert electricity, water, and carbon dioxide into CO will be built.  The broader impacts of this technology are that Opus 12 could deliver a more sustainable source of CO to mid-sized chemical companies at a cheaper cost than is possible with traditional CO manufacturing.

The proposed effort aims to show the commercial viability of our technology by testing various concentrations of CO2 through our prototype reactor.  By simulating flue gas conditions we can determine what, if any, flue gas purification steps will be required on the front end of our commercial-scale reactor.