Cyclotron Road innovators featured in The Economist and Nature

Economist graphic.jpg

Cohort Two innovator Zach Sun and his company Synvitrobio were featured in the May 6th issue of The Economist. The article, entitled "Cell-free biotech will make for better products," chronicles the emerging field of cell-free biotechnology. Synvitrobio is using a cell-free discovery platform to find biological pathways to produce new chemicals, starting with improved antibiotic drugs and pharmaceuticals.

Tom and Zoey Nature.jpg

Less than two weeks later, Cohort One innovator Tom McDonald and chemist Zoey Herm (pictured at right demonstrating their carbon dioxide absorbing materials) of Mosaic Materials were featured in "Materials and Engineering: Rebuilding the World," published in Nature on May 17th. The article details several startups working to commercialize "technologies that enable sturdier and more sustainable structures."