Tom Boussie and Robert Ethier join Cyclotron Road program team

This spring, we gained two new team members: Tom Boussie and Robert Ethier.

Tom Boussie (left) and Robert Ethier

Tom Boussie (left) and Robert Ethier

Tom Boussie serves as managing director of technology—essentially a mentor in chief. He works closely with the fellows, providing guidance as they work on evolving their technology innovations into first products. Prior to joining Cyclotron Road in early May, Boussie co-founded Rennovia, which developed catalytic process technologies for bio-based chemical manufacturing. But his initial move into industry was as a distinguished scientist at Symyx Technologies, a pioneering combinatorial materials science company. We recently sat down to learn more about his backstory, which we shared on our blog, Phase Change.

Robert Ethier is our new resident "quant geek," as Matt Price, managing director of partnerships, likes to call him. As a chartered financial analyst (CFA) charterholder,  Ethier is a kind of black belt in finance and investments. After spending his early career as an institutional investor, managing a multi-billion dollar portfolio for an insurance company in the Midwest, he earn an M.B.A. at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business. 

As our investment director for Cyclotron Road, he is researching fund structure and investment theses to help bridge funding gaps for the high-impact companies in the Cyclotron Road program. Ethier's goal: drive private markets to invest more dollars into early-stage hard-tech startups. He is also using his investment and business acumen to help Cyclotron Road fellows hone in on the business applications of their technologies, to ensure fellows' companies are as investor-friendly as possible as they complete their two-year fellowships.