Retreat sets tone for exciting year ahead

Innovators from both cohorts and the entire Cyclotron Road team participated in an offsite retreat in early May. We hold these events at least twice a year to build community and put our minds in a more creative strategic space. This retreat was particularly special because it was the first real opportunity for innovators from both our first and second cohort to get to know each other on a deeper level, share lessons learned, and enjoy some fun competition. 

Cyclotron Road 2015 seminar series starts this week!

Starting this Wednesday, our first cohort will begin a seminar series to introduce the scope of their projects to the Berkeley Lab community. Project leads will discuss the motivation for their work, give an overview of the technical innovations and challenges involved, and lay out their long-term technology goals. Seminars will be held in the area of the lab most closely related to each project and where the Cyclotron Road project leads will be actively collaborating with fellow Berkeley Lab scientists.

We hope to see you there!