Rolling Stone lists Opus 12 co-founders among "25 People Shaping The Future in Tech, Science, Medicine, Activism and More"

Cyclotron Road alumni Etosha Cave, Kendra Kuhl, and Nicholas Flanders, cofounders of Opus 12, were recently highlighted in Rolling Stone's 2017 Future Issue

Opus 12 selected to receive funding by Shell GameChanger

Cyclotron Road project Opus 12 was recently selected by Shell GameChanger to receive funding for an initial feasibility study for their approach to the carbon-neutral production of syngas from carbon dioxide and renewable electricity. Congratulations to Opus 12!

Opus 12 cofounders Kendra Kuhl, Nicholas Flanders, and Etosha Cave

Opus 12 cofounders Kendra Kuhl, Nicholas Flanders, and Etosha Cave

From the Shell website: "Shell founded its GameChanger programme in 1996 to provide innovators with the financial and technical support and space they need to demonstrate the technical and commercial viability of their ideas. GameChanger helps them to prove their concept works, quickly and cost-efficiently." Read more

Kendra Kuhl and Etosha Cave featured in Greenwire article about women in Cleantech

Opus 12 project leads Kendra Kuhl and Etosha Cave were recently featured in Greenwire. The article highlights increasing opportunities for women to take leadership roles in clean technology startups, while also calling attention to the major hurdles the energy technology industry still faces in building an equitable workforce.