Partner with us to support breakthrough hard tech innovation


Cyclotron Road is assembling a community of committed partners who are passionate about supporting breakthrough hard tech innovation. Whether you are an investor, technology provider, manufacturer, or professional services firm, there a several ways partners can work with the entrepreneurs developing new technologies at our portfolio companies, engage our program's network, and gain insight into our innovation model. 

Through donations of time, money, equipment, or services, our partners allow us to advance our mission while supporting their aligned strategic priorities. 

We offer three sponsorship levels with various partner benefits so your organization can engage along the most strategically aligned path. Please note there are a limited number of sponsorships available each year to ensure our team is able to appropriately support our partners.


$20,000 - Demo: Build relationships face-to-face with our cohort companies and entrepreneurs

$50,000 - Prototype: Get an inside look at our innovation model, talent and technology pipeline, and market insights

$250,000 - Manufacture: Help shape our future direction and strategically leverage our innovation model


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Please read on for a complete list of partner benefits.

Partner benefits



Marketing Cyclotron Road has been featured by the U.S Department of Energy, The White House, the New York Times, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, and Scientific American. Partners benefit through recognition of their support in helping build the home for world-class clean energy entrepreneurs.

Program Update Calls Participate in one-on-one calls with the Cyclotron Road leadership team to discuss updates for active cohort companies and Cyclotron Road programs on a semiannual or quarterly basis. 

Cohort Meetings Cohort meetings provide partners with the opportunity to engage face-to-face with active cohort companies. These meetings are valuable opportunities to build relationships with an incredible group of entrepreneurs.  

Delegation Tours Partners and their colleagues visit and tour Cyclotron Road and spend the day meeting with the our leadership team, active cohort companies, and their collaborators.

Custom Innovation Programs While the Cyclotron Road Cohort is our flagship program, we will continually pursue the development of new approaches that create value for our partners by leveraging our relationship with world class research facilities and our network of technology and market leaders.

Deal Flow

Pipeline Report Each year, our team interacts with and tracks hundreds of breakthrough technology innovators through our open competitions and outreach efforts. Our Deal Flow report contains non-confidential summaries and expert insights from these interactions, leveraging our unique view of the ecosystem. 

Technology and Talent Scouting While Cyclotron Road can only support a small number of companies each year, our program team is constantly engaging and tracking world class technical entrepreneurs. Our team will share contacts and technologies of interest during program update calls. 


Cyclotron Road Demo Day This annual event will feature demo day presentations from active cohort companies and provide a unique networking opportunity with the Cyclotron Road team and our broad network of advisors, partners, and hard tech innovators.

Leadership Council Events Our Leadership Council is comprised of top executives and leaders from industry, government, academia, and finance and serves as a senior braintrust providing strategic direction to the program. 



Please email for all sponsorship inquiries. We thank you for your support!