Even the most entrepreneurial scientists face gaps on the road from concept to product. We’re developing educational resources to help our fellows—and science innovators everywhere—bridge these gaps. 

Our Process

Working so closely with our fellows, we often see critical knowledge gaps that hinder their efforts to turn promising concepts into transformative products. When there is an opportunity to create a new educational resource that can uniquely help our fellows bridge these gaps, we build a prototype and use Cyclotron Road as a laboratory to determine its effectiveness. If the feedback comes back positive, we work to scale up the resource to be accessible to science innovators everywhere.

Check out beta versions of the first of these resources below. Delve in, share widely, and please send any feedback here.

Current projects

Build the future physical world…

Build the future physical world…



None of the game-changing innovations that science entrepreneurs are developing will actually change the game without also obeying the laws of capitalism. So how much does it cost to produce a new device, or a new chemical, or a kilowatt hour? Beth Zotter, our resident technology economics expert,  has launched a new educational resource, called Techonomics, to help budding technologist answer these thorny questions.

We've launched Techonomics with this beta website that includes primer videos, as well as downloadable, easy to read and manipulate Excel models to estimate cost of production of a widget, chemical, or other product. Please check it out and let us know what you think

Sponsor: US Department of Energy


 founder's playbook

The Founder's Playbook is a curated, searchable library of essential reading and example materials related to launching and growing a hard tech company. 

After spending years sending our fellows what we felt was the most instructive and useful reading materials on essential topics in technology entrepreneurship, we decided to create a public library for these valuable resources.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Sponsor: California Energy Commission


Image of Etosha Cave (above) by Annie Shak Photography