Empowering next-generation high-speed communications

SkyGig is introducing advanced innovative wireless technology at system- and component-level architectures for radio frequency (RF) front-end systems, bridging the gap between power efficiency and performance in the next generation of high-speed wireless communications. With the rising demand of data-intensive applications, SkyGig’s technology serves a wide range of emerging use cases and paves the way to the rapid roll-out and growth of 5G and broadband communications in the global race to ubiquitous connectivity.


Armin Jam and Avish Kosari

Armin Jam and Avish Kosari

To tackle the challenges of next generation high-speed and power-efficient wireless communications, Armin Jam and Avish Kosari combined their technical and entrepreneurial expertise to co-found SkyGig in 2018.

Prior to joining Cyclotron Road, Jam was a research fellow at the University of Michigan, where he earned his Ph.D. and M.S. in electrical engineering and a degree in entrepreneurship from the UM Center for Entrepreneurship. He specializes in millimeter-wave (MMW) antennas; RF integration and packaging; MMW fabrication and assembly; as well as high-frequency instrumentation and metrology.

Kosari earned her Ph.D. and master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan, where she also was a postdoctoral research fellow. Her research expertise spans high performance wireless radio circuits and system; RF front-end systems and sub-systems; and RFIC interfaces & transitions. Through their research on high performance wireless technologies, the two have demonstrated the most power-efficient in-class wireless technology and have been recognized and awarded in several international venues for their novel research. Their research has resulted in over 20 publications, multiple patents, press coverage, and seminars at top research venues and institutions.


Critical Need
For high data-rate wireless communication applications, high gain radio frequency (RF) front-ends are needed to compensate for high propagation losses of high frequency signals. The existing high-gain RF front-end technologies, however, are either limited in their functionality or suffer from high power-consumptions, which makes them not suitable for emerging massive deployments such as 5G and beyond. Significant development resources are being put toward advanced RF front-end technologies to unlock promising applications of high-speed wireless for various applications. Despite these efforts, however, high frequency wireless communication is still in its infancy and new RF front-end technologies are needed to unlock the full potential of fiber-speed wireless communications.

Technology Vision
SkyGig is solving the challenges of next-generation wireless networks by bringing innovative approaches to the RF front-end design, starting with the radio architecture, microelectronics system, smart antenna system, and algorithms required to ensure robust high data-rate communication. SkyGig’s technology offers an order of magnitude higher performance compared to the existing best-in-class RF front-end technologies. It enables long-range, high data-rate communications which is pivotal to a wide variety of data-intensive wireless applications, including 5G.

Potential for Impact
High frequency millimeter-wave wireless communication is commonly perceived as the future of broadband communications. However, the hardware required to support emerging applications for high frequency communications is still in its infancy and offers limited throughput or functionality. Therefore, new topologies are needed. SkyGig’s novel technology has the potential to transform many emerging wireless applications and industries, leading to significant power, time, and cost savings for customers.

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