Cyclotron Road is a home for entrepreneurial scientists and engineers to start their journey from concept to first product. We support technology innovators working to transform major industries with global impact.

How it works

Every year, we recruit a Cohort of entrepreneurial scientists and engineers from around the world to join Cyclotron Road, where we support them as they advance a project focused on a new technology concept with the potential for global impact. For two years, our innovators are embedded in the Berkeley research ecosystem, where we provide them funding, access to Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and UC Berkeley, and a program of intensive mentorship, education, and networking. 

Our goal is simple: empower innovators to mature their ideas until they can align with the most suitable path to bring their technology to scale.

Our Innovators

Our impact

  • More than $10 million provided directly to 28 fellows since 2015

  • 21 transformative projects aimed at the most energy and resource-intensive industries on the planet

  • More than $45 million in additional early-stage funding generated by Cyclotron Road innovators

Our partners