A home for hard tech innovators

Developing hard tech isn’t easy.

New technologies rooted in the physical and biological sciences will be fundamental to addressing the 21st Century’s biggest challenges in energy, water, food, and health. Yet, there are critical gaps in today’s research ecosystem that prevent scientists and engineers from maturing new concepts to the point of commercial viability.

Academic research institutions are optimized for scientific discovery, but provide neither the training nor incentives to mature those discoveries into commercially viable technologies. Private industry has both the motivation and capability to guide science toward application, but cannot justify investment in research that remains too immature to reasonably gauge its potential for commercial returns. The result is a no man’s land between idea and application that keeps some of the most transformative discoveries from reaching the market and benefiting society. Faced with this chasm, even the best science innovators struggle to find the resources needed to mature their research toward application. Many are even forced to abandon their ideas entirely.

At Cyclotron Road, our mission is to empower scientists to advance hard technologies from concept to viable first product, positioning them for broad societal impact in the long term. Our goal is simple: allow innovators to mature their ideas until they can align with the most suitable commercial partners. In strengthening this alignment, we enable the private sector to support science innovation more efficiently and successfully, driving better outcomes and greater impact on society.

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